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Mini-Workshops Guidelines

Submission Instructions

Interactive Session Guidelines

Mini-Workshops provide participants with an opportunity to extend their knowledge and strengthen their skills in the area addressed by the Mini-Workshop.


Mini-Workshops will engage participants in an active and collaborative learning activity. The Mini-Workshop goal will be foremost for the benefit of the attendees or their students. This beneficiary arrangement is the primary distinguishing feature from a Special session (where shared exploration and knowledge building results in a documented output). Potential topics might include research methods, unique theoretical frameworks, or research-proven classroom materials or processes, particularly those that address the themes of FIE 2014. 

Key Characteristics

  • Mini-Workshops are 90 minutes long and are scheduled during the regular conference schedule.
  • Mini-Workshop presenters will submit an outline and supporting documentation for the workshop rather than a formal paper. 
  • Mini-Workshops will provide a collaborative, active learning environment for the attendees. Attendees will leave with skills, knowledge, or materials that they can use in their own teaching practice or scholarship of learning and teaching.
  • Mini-Workshop presenters are responsible for supplying all materials for the session. 
  • Mini-Workshop presenters must register for and attend the conference.
  • Mini-Workshop attendees will not have to pre-register and fees will not be charged.
  • Mini-Workshops proposals will be peer-reviewed by at least three reviewers.


All abstracts for Mini-Workshops at FIE 2014 must be submitted electronically no later than April 25, 2014 through the conference submission web site:

Contact information for the mini-workshop organizer should be entered in the spaces provided on the submission web page. The abstract text should provide the following information.

  • Contact information (name, affiliation, phone, and email) for each anticipated facilitator or presenter in the workshop
  • Goal(s) of the Mini-Workshop and how these goals align with the goals of FIE
  • Description of topics/subjects/content of the workshop (approximately 200-300 words) 
  • References or explanations of the qualifications of presenters to lead this workshop (approximately 100-200 words)
  • Workshop agenda (Please give details and approximate time allotted for each activity) 
  • Description of the anticipated audience and the maximum number of people you would prefer
  • Description of the take-away skill, knowledge or material that attendees will acquire (approximately 100-200 words)

Please note that workshop presenters are expected to register for and participate in the full conference.


February 7, 2014   --  Initial proposals are due.

March 15, 2014  --  Authors will be notified of acceptance, acceptance with suggestions, or rejection of their proposal. 

April 25, 2014  --  Responses to suggestions for modifications or clarifications are due.  Preliminary papers to accompany Panels and Special Sessions, if any, are due. Papers are limited to 4 pages.

July 9, 2014 – Final session descriptions, outlines, summaries, and accompanying papers are due.