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Edibon, an FIE Silver Sponsor, is giving FIE attendees the opportunity to visit their facilities in Madrid. On Thursday, October 23, just after our luncheon, Edibon will provide a bus from the Melia Castilla Hotel to their company. There they will give a short presentation and allow attendees to examine a number of their training devices that can help engineering professors in their teaching and research. The bus will return in time for the last session of the day.

More information regarding some of the trainers that can be seen in the tour to their facilities can be found at the links below:

APS12 (“Advanced Electrical Power System and Mechanical Power Plants Simulator”):

MPSS (“Modular Power System Simulator”):

FUSG (“Final User Smart Grid Trainer”):

EESFC  (“Photovoltaic Solar Energy Unit, computer controlled”):

EESTC (“Thermal Solar Energy Unit, computer controlled”):

EEEC (“Wind Energy Unit, computer controlled”):