Things to Consider Before Taking Online Classes

Traditional methods of education were excellent for many reasons. For example, students required a physical learning environment where they could find the teachers, books, and other resources that they needed. However, things changed significantly as soon as the internet became available. Today, you can talk to your lecturers online. You can find all the books and tutorials on the internet as well. Therefore, many people are shifting from traditional classes to online ones, if you want to take up online classes, you can take a look at take my online classes for some brilliant online courses.  Here are things to consider before taking online classes.

Technology is Your Friend


You cannot learn in an online class unless you know how to use the technological tools that advance this kind of learning. That means your first orientation to this class should be an overview of how to use its systems effectively. For example, how do you participate in a discussion board? How do you access online resources in the school’s online library? How do you protect your password and student ID from falling into the wrong hands? Learn these things so that you do not experience any problems as you embark on your studies.

The Student’s Effort Is Vital


Interestingly, many people think that online classes are easy. More specifically, they believe that they will perform well in these classes without putting in a lot of effort to do so. Avoid this misguided perception. Online classes are as tough as traditional classes are. The only difference is that you are learning from home and you are flexible when it comes to time. However, you will have to put in as much time and effort into these studies as you would in a traditional class.

Time Management is Critical

Unlike traditional classes, no one will come to you and tell you that you are late for class. You will not see your fellow students rushing to finish their assignments. More importantly, no one apart from the online institution will know if you are missing classes. Therefore, self-discipline is critical when taking an online class because no one is there watching over you. Instead, you have to manage your time correctly. Make sure that you have enough time for social, learning, and work-related activities.

Communication Skills are Essential


Usually, conversations in online classes occur through formal discussion forums. You will also communicate with the institution offering these classes through email in most cases. Video and telephone calls are also likely, but the need for these communication methods arises occasionally. Consequently, you have to be good at written communication if you are taking an online class. Excellence in this type of communication ensures that you drive your point home when you participate in these formalized discussion forums.

Fraudulent Online Institutions Exist


Exercise care when choosing an online learning institution because some of them dish out valueless degrees to their students. Do not fall victim to such institutions. Only go for accredited online learning schools. Doing so means that companies and governments will recognize your degree. That, in turn, means that you would have spent your money wisely. Check with relevant authorities to see if the online institution you want to join is an accredited one.…

10 of the Greatest Free Survey Tools You Should Try

For any marketing strategy to work effectively gathering and interpretation of data is the key. While there are many tools to collect data analytics, surveys tools are the most effective when a business needs to understand and engage with its customers. Surveys usually enable customers to give back to the business information regarding their products, services, and customer’s satisfaction are among other useful information. With the information that has been collected the customer survey response rate can be determined. The data congregated can be used by the business to conduct market research, and even to adjust its marketing efforts to suit the needs of the target market. Below are the top 10 of the greatest free survey tools you should try out.

Google Forms

Google has one of the best free survey tools you can find in the market out there. Google forms allow anyone and everyone to create unlimited surveys with an unlimited number of questions and receive infinite number of responses. The other advantage of using Google forms is that one can custom design of forms to suit the needs of the user. The data collected can be exported to Google sheets for further analysis.

Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is among the prominent survey tools in the market today. While it’s not entirely free, its basic plan is free though with limitations with what you can do. The basic plan allows you to create an unlimited number of surveys but with a restriction of 10 questions per survey. You are also limited to 100 responses per survey and only 3 collectors per survey. The downside of the basic version is that you can’t get any responses via your email, or the web, and you can’t enjoy the benefits of pop up online surveys.


Though Tyoeform has a paid version of it, the tool has a free version. The free version allows you to receive 100 responses per month, you can only administer 10 questions per typeform, and most of the features on the Pro version aren’t available on the free version. If your business doesn’t need a lot of feedback, this is one of the best free tools online to utilize.


Survicate is an online survey tool which has been around since 2013 and today is one of the leading global survey tools. The tool has two paid options that are Professional and ultimate, but they also do have a free version called Essential. The free version allows you to collect 50 responses in a month. However customization of the design of the survey is not allowed, and also you’re limited to just three seats.


If you’re looking for one of the world’s easiest and coolest online survey tool SurveyLegend is a great option. This tool will enable you to create, send and analyze your survey questionnaires, forms in an easy way. One can see the results in real time, and the good side of the tool is that you can export your data to your Google Drive for free. The basic plan version of the tool allows you to send 3 surveys, 6 pictures but the paid version prices start at $15.

Crowd Signal


Crowd Signal survey free version offers users unlimited survey options, the chance to ask unlimited questions and responses. However, you cannot be able to customize the surveys according to your needs, and you cannot be able to export the data unless you upgrade to the paid versions where plans start at $200.

Survey Planet

Survey Planet has both a free version and a pro version. The free version allows the creation of unlimited surveys, unlimited number of questions, and unlimited responses. You can as well share your surveys on any social network, duplicate surveys with a single click, there are over 80 pre-written surveys, and you can create a survey in over 20 languages. For a free version, Survey planet is one of the most excellent options to go for.


Among the easiest survey builder’s tools to use is Surveynuts. Though it’s not entirely free, its free version allows you to receive a maximum of 100 responses per every survey and you are limited to just 10 questions per survey. The software also offers real-time statistics. The paid version starts at $17USD per month.


SurveyGizmo is among the most advanced survey tools out there but one of the easiest to use. With its results, a business is empowered to make smarter decisions. The free version allows you to administer 3 surveys with an unlimited number of questions and only receive 100 responses. The paid version starts at $25 per month

Zoho Survey

Zoho surveys free account will allow you to create unlimited surveys, limit you to 10 questions per survey, and 100 responses per survey. You can share your survey on social media, there are over 200 survey templates, and you can get real-time responses. The paid version starts at $20 per month.…

How important math is for an engineer – and how you can be great at it?

Math is not only important for the engineers but it is important for all the fields. However, people that belong to the other fields can find a solution to this issue and they can get rid of this headache by using some techniques. The problem with engineering field is that whatever type of engineering you choose, you have to learn math willingly or unwillingly because math is the most crucial part of engineering. So, you can’t think of becoming an engineer if you want to skip math.

The problem usually doesn’t appear in the studies because there are several ways that can be used to complete the homework and pass the exams. The real problem occurs when we start practicing our skills because this is the time when we have to take several measurements and draw some equations. And believe me, if you don’t have command over math, you won’t be able to succeed in your practical life as an engineer.

I also had the same opinion and I used to stay relaxed believing that HomeworkDoer will do my math for me but the real problems occur when I entered the practical field and I faced a lot of mathematical issues. However, my instructor was a nice person and he helped in polishing my math skills from basics. I want you to stay away from such problems and I want you to succeed in your life.


Taking measurements

Whatever type of engineer you’re, you’ll have to take the measurements by yourself and then you’ll have to design and develop the right tools according to the measurements. There are many engineers that face this difficulty in the practical life as they do not focus on taking measurements properly believing that the measurements will already be written on the product.

In the engineering, you have to generate the products yourself and nobody is going to provide you the measurements. Therefore, you must learn the way of taking the proper measurement and implementing them.

Solving Equations

You’re not only supposed to solve the equations in the Math class but you’ll also have to solve several equations while working on different products. Sometimes, a minor mistake of equations can change the entire function of a product. You must learn the way of solving equations in a proper way.

The only solution to all these problems is that you have to practice your skills regularly so that you may not have to face any embarrassment in the practical field. You should also join apprenticeship to polish your math skills so that you may become a master before jumping in the practical field.…